Richard the Third contributed a DJ set to Beautiful Noise, a Capsule Projects initiative that mixes up music, fashion and art.

Describe the style of music that you play and could you name some of your favourite labels and artists right now?
Spoek Mathambo has been playing me tons of music that he’s been playing overseas. I suppose one would describe it as Bashing Drum Music / Township House / UK Funky / Ghetto Tech. Anyways what I’ve heard and liked so far includes these guys: Spoek Mathambo and his thousand projects (obviously), L-Vis 1990, Bok Bok, Douster, French Fries, Djedjotronic, DJ Cndo, DJ Clock. Still getting into this stuff, ideally what I want to play.

What type of audience do you have in mind when you buy music?
Depends on the set. But I guess the young Joburg and Cape Town indie kids and more recently the sometimes-older Fiction-going bassheads.

Is there a frustrated musician in you?
There’s a frustrated person in me. Music is a conduit for that frustration if anything, but I suppose sometimes it makes it worse.

How do you feel after finishing a set?
Well that really depends on the set. I think all DJs would say that they feel high on life (in addition to possibly feeling high on other things) if the floor has been packed and people really enjoyed themselves. And they would say that it is gutting when it’s the opposite: empty club, people not digging your vibe. I do think some people are better at dealing with this shit than others. Me I get extremely miff when I play a kak set, extremely.

Do you have a dream club?
Hmmm, I suppose. I have this fantasy of these clubs in Europe where there are thousands of people, fucked-up on feel-good drugs, just waiting for you to play deep, heavy, shit all night. I’ll get back to you on this one, once I’ve actually gone out there and seen/heard it with my own eyes.